My dream wedding outfit was made by Ejaaz Couture. I was on a tight budget and timeline. I found Ejaaz Couture on Instagram and am so thankful I did. Initially, I was nervous about sending money via wire to someone I had never met! I live in the US, and Ejaaz Couture ensured that I would get what I pictured. We spoke a few times, and once the owner asked to give 24 hours for a response time, I was happy. I wanted instant responses because I was so anxious! I had to remember this is a boutique and they are working hard! My sister and I are both excited we have found an amazing designer and are already saving outfit ideas for our next Ejaaz Couture pieces. The material was perfect! (They ensured there was fabric left on the inside). I have very wide shoulders and though the fit was perfect, I wanted more room. My tailor here in the US who made the modification was VERY IMPRESSED by the work and said they ensured you could make minor modifications for fit with no issues! I got a heavy design and it was exactly like the picture/design provided. I will only use Ejaaz Couture for any future outfits.